Hybrid Cloud

Victor Group’s hybrid cloud capabilities will help you weave cloud into the fabric of your business and deliver everything “as a service,” so you can innovate faster, create new services and capabilities—and exploit new business opportunities.

Victor Group Platform, integrates all the automated tools and managed services you need to oversee your entire cloud estate in one place.

Cloud Applications & Platform

Cloud platforms package all the services necessary to build applications, including database, virtualization and architecture services—easily and uniformly.

They can free organizations from the complexities of building and maintaining application architectures and allow developers to focus on business solutions instead of the technical underpinnings.

Our cloud application-development and platform services help clients take advantage of the growing number of public and private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers, and prepare for the transition to the cloud.

MADE for the Government Enterprise
By adopting standardized processes, common tools and shared work environments, agencies can accelerate application delivery, improve productivity and enhance quality—making mobile application development repeatable and scalable.

Increasingly, emerging techniques, such as cloud-based environments and automated testing, are being used to reduce development costs dramatically.

Software as a Service

SaaS offers a fundamentally better model for driving change for both the business and IT and it provides a path to innovations previously not possible with on-premise technology.

Our SaaS Business Solutions suite and the cloud can help you strike a proper balance—both from a business and IT perspective—to lead your organization to higher performance.

Victor Group is a leading provider of cloud and SaaS solutions. Our SaaS Business Solutions suite can help clients the following ways:
• Implement easily scalable SaaS solutions built on all major platforms.
• Reduce total cost of ownership, IT redundancies and run/maintenance costs.
• Incorporate SaaS within the overall architecture of new-business and IT operating models.
• Victor Group return on investment by enabling clients to iteratively improve capabilities and adapt to changes in the market.

Cloud Service

Cloud has revolutionized business in ways impossible to imagine even a few short years ago. Consider taxi (or passenger transportation) companies that do not possess cars. Accommodation providers that do not own any properties. Retailers without inventory. Media sites that do not produce content. And enterprise cloud companies that have no servers. Cloud has allowed many companies to move into new markets by not just doing things differently but by doing different things.

We are already seeing glimpses of even more profound shifts from self-driving cars filling roadways in the next 10 years to smart devices entering our home for health and security monitoring. What we know for sure: Cloud will continue to be the glue that binds together business capabilities through technologies—everything from the Internet of Things to digital, as a service models, cognitive computing, biometrics, and augmented reality to name a few. Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector and will continue to be a foundational source for innovation and growth.

Victor Group’s cloud services can help your organization plot strategy, cut costs, increase efficiencies and deal with a hybrid tech environment.

Information management

For us, information management consulting means combining our extensive strategy expertise with the relevant IT experience. Our management background helps us understand the links between business drivers, technology requirements, and emerging business needs. We help companies create value by using IT as a resource. We understand the key role of IT management structures and processes in capturing value, and have access to global resources and staff to conduct large-scale projects.

We understand the capabilities and limitations of enterprise technologies because our professionals have designed, implemented, and operated these technologies. We know about implementation costs and the risks associated with alternative technologies because our consultants have “done IT”.