Victor Group Holdings Limited (“VIG” or the “Company”) was officially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) on May 9, 2014 under the stock code VIG (hereinafter referred to as the company abbreviation).

Since 2017 VIG’s predominate focus is providing its customers with enterprise management services as well as acting as an operator of cloud-enabled smart education platforms.

VIG provides SaaS, IaaS & PaaS solutions to customers, building and operating education cloud platforms which bring together best-in-class resources and applications from strategic partners such as education service and e-learning content providers and offering a wide range of e-learning solutions for educational institutions, students and parents.

Education cloud platforms are digital educational resources enabled by cloud computing and other technologies. VIG connect with online leaning spaces and intelligent terminals to provide users with various supporting functions for teaching, learning, research, administration and social interactions, thereby facilitating a full and deep integration of information technologies and learning.

Victor Group Holdings Limited is the parent company of Hong Kong Victor International Enterprise Co., Limited (a company incorporated in Hong Kong) which in turn has a wholly-owned subsidiaries (incorporated in the PRC) and Synergy One Holdings Limited (a company incorporated in Cayman) which in turn has a wholly-owned subsidiaries incorporated in the BVI, HK and PRC. Together, these companies make up the Group.

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