Enterprise Management Training Program
CEO Leadership Training Program
The CEO leadership has a significant impact on the enterprise’s survival and development.
Core modules
• Help CEO to identify and solve problems faced by company.
• Team building guidance
• To undertake employee management in a more active way.
• Boost overall firm performance by up to 200%.

The GM Execution Training Program
It is important to train General Manager (GM)’s execution ability as GM plays a crucial role in team building, corporate culture creation, employee performance management implementation and market expansion.
Core modules
• Business goal programming
• Team building
• Task assignment
• Performance measurement system conducting.
• GM’s mission and vision

Strong Executive Team Construction
The strong team execution refers to the ability to complete task and achieve goal in a high-quality way. Core modules
• Change attitude of each team member
• Improve team execution outcome
• Team construction
• Execution system creation
• Enterprise Incentive System improvement

The Essential of Marketing Training Program
In recent years, the competition of product has become increasingly fierce. In order to survive in the strong business Warfield, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to enhance their strategic marketing capability.
Core modules
• To understand the nature of the firm and the future social trends.
• To understand the barriers to entry in different industries.
• To indentify the real needs of customers.
• To indentify the sticking and breakthrough point in different industries.

Zhang’s Class
Core modules
• Improve public presentation and sale skills
• Enhance sale skill in a one-to-many situation
• Acquaint the philosophy of success
• Maximise the value of products

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